Trim Up 60 Day Plan

Trim Up 60 Day Plan For A New Me And You

Trim Up 60 Day Plan For A Lifestyle Change
Trim Up 60 Day Plan For A Lifestyle Change

Looking for a new you? Why pay over $100 for products that do not work?  Try the Trim Up 60 Day Plan and see why so many people are switching companies and products over to something that actually works. Start the Trim Up 60 Day Plan and see the difference it can make in the first 30 days. I personally lost 15 lbs my first month and went from 295 lbs down to 280 lbs. My second month I lost another 8 lbs using my own personal 60-day plan. Many people are like me and have tried just about everything to lose weight and change their life to a healthier lifestyle. A big part of your 60-day plan should be to develop some healthy eating habits. Pills and drinks are not going to get you trim and slim without you making some changes to your eating and exercise habits. If you are serious about losing weight then you should not mind doing some lifestyle changes that will keep the weight off for the long term.

Most people have tried one type or the other pills and drinks that lead you to believe you are going to lose weight and improve your health in some way. There are many different “Slim” products on the market. I have tried several different ones only to see them not work or work at first and then stop working after the first 30 to 60 days. Some of these pills could have been a placebo and would have worked because I was hyped up over the company I just joined. I wanted the products to work and I would have done just about anything to see them work. I even fasted when I joined one company just to say that the products were working for me. Think about that, I fasted to lose weight just because I had joined a new network marketing company. If I fasted because I joined a new company why not fast as part of a regular healthy lifestyle. More on this in a future article I plan to write called “All About Fasting”. For now, just google that phrase all about fasting and start reading.

My Old Reason For Starting This Website

I have called this website the Trim Up 60 Day Plan or program due to the several products that XXXXX XXXXX has. The author of this article has taken many weight management and so-called weight loss products only to find they did not work after a short period of time. I usually found that many slimming products stopped working for me after a month or two. By having several different products that you can substitute or change out every month makes sense. I know when I change products they seem to work for me at first. Also when I go back to the original product after a month it then starts working again for me. This is why I call this my Trim Up 60 Day Plan or 60 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

Many people will not have to make a change of products but not everyone is like me. We are all different when it comes to weight management. Many times we cannot take products due to interactions with our present medications and should consult with our doctor or physician before taking. The author has high blood pressure and has to monitor it while taking these types of products. This goes for almost all products on the market that are in the category of weight management.

Why I Am Changing This Site

Needless to say, I gave up on another companies products. I have now learned that the only way to lose weight is to make a lifestyle change. Lifestyle changes can be easy and some can seem to be almost impossible. That leads me to the next subject I will write about, lifestyle change. I believe that a lifestyle change can be as easy as doing a 30 day weight loss challenge on your own. No pills or drinks, just the willpower to make a change for 30 days.

What Is A Lifestyle Change?

For a real planned lifestyle change, it will need to be a long-term process that is ongoing, usually enjoyable and it needs to be very rewarding. A change like this usually becomes permanent if done over the long term. The reason I say over the long term is that it becomes a habit at some point in time. You no longer think of making this change because it is automatic now. For you to go back to your old way would be hard for you to do. I quit eating ice cream about 3 months ago. Recently when I was out of town and had ice cream available. I got a bowl and started eating it. To my surprise, it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. I no longer cared for its taste anymore. It was ok but if I never ate it again that would be fine to me. I would have preferred a nice tasty apple. I am not talking about your average apple, I’m talking about the best-tasting apple money can buy from Whole Foods. I love candied apples and that is what they taste like to me but without all that red sugar coating

Watch the video below and pick out one thing that you feel you can do easily. Drinking more water is one of them and that is the one I picked. That was months ago and have added more since then.

More on the trim up 60 day plan in the pages of this site to come.

My Personal Lifestyle Change

After hitting my all time high of 315 lbs I also hit my all time low with the way I felt about myself. Overall health was at an all time low and I was wondering if I was ever going to recover. I slowly started making some changes in 2017 and over the past 2 years I got my weight down to around 265 lbs by the summer of 2019.

The big surprise in July 2019, my sugar shot up to 375 and my bloodwork came back and it was a mess. My doctor placed me on diabetes medications, cholesterol meds and high blood pressure medications. I now felt like a medical disaster and a walking medicine cabinet.

Going Vegan Is Changing My Life

More on this to come!

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